At The Private Holding Company, we nurture and oversee a diverse range of esteemed enterprises that redefine luxury and bespoke services across multiple sectors.

Pioneering the Future

Aligned with the visionary goals of Vision 2030, we are dedicated to playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of luxury services in Saudi Arabia and beyond. Our journey blends heritage with innovation, showcasing the best of Saudi Arabia while pushing the boundaries of excellence in the global luxury landscape. We invite you to be part of our extraordinary journey as we combine our rich heritage, innovative spirit, and unwavering commitment to excellence to shape the future of luxury services.

About us

For more than a decade, we have stood as pioneers in the industry, diligently catering to the discerning needs of our esteemed clientele. It all began in 2008, a pivotal year when our vision to redefine luxury services took flight. As our reputation soared and our services expanded to meet evolving market demands, we embraced a transformative change that solidified our identity. Gratefully recognized by industry specialists for our pivotal role in various luxury sectors, particularly in the Middle East, we proudly adopted the name The Private Holding Company. This title resonates with our commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences across all our subsidiaries.

Elevating Standards

Today, our company flourishes under the guidance of a dedicated team, each bringing unique expertise and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Together, we continually redefine what’s achievable in elite aviation, luxury yachting, prime real estate, bespoke concierge services, and cutting-edge security solutions, setting new benchmarks in each domain.

As we reflect on our legacy, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of excellence, fueled by the passion that ignited our journey. We invite you to join us as we craft extraordinary experiences and push the boundaries of luxury services.

We take immense pride in our Saudi heritage, deeply ingrained in the rich culture and traditions of this remarkable nation. As part of our commitment to Saudi Arabia, we are honored to contribute to the transformative journey outlined in Vision 2030.

Our journey has been one of transformation, shaping our identity and setting new standards of excellence.


Al Faisaliah Tower Level 18 – King Fahd Road Olaya District – Riyadh – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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